According to UNWTO, international tourism continues to be one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world. In Africa, tourism is said to have boasted uninterrupted growth since 1995. This would make sense why tourism is the highest economic sector contributing to the GDP in countries like Tanzania and Lesotho.

Even though tourism is growing exponentially in Africa, local tourism enterprises still face challenges;

  • Lack of marketing skills and tools. This extends to difficulty conceptualizing and exploiting market opportunities.
  • Competition from dominant large enterprises operating in the sector.
  • Inconsistent cash flows and long days in receiving payments.
  • Limited tourism market and customer base for local tourism enterprises operating in rural areas.
  • Lack of market-related information and data on tourist and industry trends.
  • Lack of brand awareness.
  • Lack of digitization.
  • Building credibility and trust.

The Ziara SaaS tool solves all these problems for local tourism enterprise owners in Africa and provides them an enabling environment to increase their booking revenue;

  • With our tool, all their online marketing is taken care of for them.
  • They get access to more than 13,000 online travel agency sites and social media.
  • They get access to more than 27 million tourists who are online travel shoppers.
  • They’ll compete with dominant large enterprises by creating an effective digital presence.
  • We will also provide them with market-related information and data on tourist’s online and industry trends.
  • They can create and maintain an effective brand awareness on multiple online marketing platforms.
  • Their whole business becomes digitized and gains an effective digital presence.
  • The credibility and trust that tourists will have on them will increase because most tourists these days trust businesses that have an online presence with reviews and ratings.

Our solution will impact more than 35 thousand local tourism enterprise owners in Africa whose businesses struggle to create an effective digital presence and attract the 51% of tourists who are online travel shoppers.

We need your help to make sure this innovation will create the impact we’ve envisioned and provide communities with economic development through sustainable tourism. Contribute towards our crowdfunding campaign and help us innovate an industry that is under-served by technology.