The campaign finds its musings celebrating attraction as a symbol of love while accentuating the brand’s elegant lifestyle.

“Part II of Muse is a story of empowerment & inspiration while fusing luxury and sensuality. This campaign is the embodiment of the Polo Avenue- timeless, playful, and unapologetically sexy,” says Polo Luxury Group’s Executive Director, Jennifer Obayuwana.

A muse is a person or personified force who is the source of inspiration. At the core of Polo Avenue’s principles, is an appreciation for beauty, creativity, and exceptional individualism. Searching for our muse is a form of modern questing that creates an awakening within its seeker. Embrace the adventure, and discover your muse.

The #PoloMuse Campaign features sleek silhouettes, bold colors from Polo Avenue partners Gucci, Gedebe, EdhenMilano, Jimmy Choo, Les Petit Joueurs, Roberto Cavalli, and Salvatore Ferragamo. Polo Avenue remains the #1 Luxury Retailer in West Africa offering the World’s most coveted and prestigious brands in Fashion, Accessories and Watches according to Forbes.