Fashion has always been an important part of African society. It comes as no surprise that with the advent of blogging and other social sites,many blogs are focused on chronicling the African fashion scene with all its hues and shades. The list of these fashion bloggers is endless, but below are ten that top our charts.

Afua Rida: Styled By Rida


Afua Rida wears many hats as a stylist, fashion blogger, runway show producer, and fashion consultant. The winner of the Glitz Africa “Fashion Blogger of the Year” 2015 award said that her interest in fashion was kindled by her mother’s style. Afua Rida is a key mover in the Ghanaian fashion scene and has big plans to cause an international demand for Ghanaian creative. Her definition of beauty is being at peace with oneself and loving your body as it is. Visitors to her site are sure to be captivated by the many pictures of her wearing various brands and in different poses. She works with a number of brands modelling their clothes and gives advice as to how best to combine different clothe items to come out with a stunning result. You can check out Afua and her sister Hayet’s must-haves in the Ayiba Anniversary Issue.


Instagram: @AfuaRida

Joy Kendi: Just Joy Kendi


64Joy Kendi was recently nominated for the BAKE Kenyan Blog Awards for Best Fashion, Beauty, Hair and Style blog 2016. Kendi, who from a very young age discovered her passion for fashion, says she can deduce a number of things about a person by the way they dress. Categories to be found on her blog include a “My Style” section where she showcases her personal outfit selection, either casual wear or clothes worn to special events; videos; a do-it-yourself (DIY) section where she shares tid-bits on how to go about some basic routines (e.g. make-up); foodie recipes (she describes herself as a foodie and shares food recipes in this section); and travel. Kendi began blogging in 2013.

Facebook: Joy Kendi M
Instagram: @justjoykendi
Twitter: @justjoykendi

Sharon Mundia: This Is Ess

Sharon Mundia, a Kenyan fashion blogger, believes that fashion isn’t just about being trendy and cute, but rather about expressing one’s character, building confidence, and ultimately celebrating oneself. Mundia started her blog in 2012. She aims to inspire women of all ages to be the best artists they could ever be.She does this by posting interesting content on her blog which ranges from travel, beauty, videos, lifestyle, editorial, outfits, and style. Website:
Facebook: This Is Ess
Instagram: @this_is_ess
Twitter: @ThisisEss

Kiran Yoliswa and Alae Ismail: Styled by Africa

The duo of Zimbabwean Yoliswa and Eritrean Ismail met at Queen Mary University of London in 2007. They launched Styled by Africa,an online store, in 2013as a way of using fashion to support African manufacturing and encouraging sustainable growth. The pair visits African countries, scouring for different brands to add to the growing list of favourites at their store.Apart from the online store, they also have a life and style blog. The blog features amazing pictures of different fashion outfits being modelled. The duo also offers suggestions to their clients/visitors as to how best to combine fashion pieces. They recently opened a brick and mortar store in Pop Brixton, London.Ayiba met up with the duo last year. You can read about their visit to Lagos’ famous Nike Art Gallery here or read about their expansion in the Ayiba Anniversary Issue.
Facebook: Styled by Africa
Twitter: @StyledByAfrica


Louise Philippe de Gagoue

Part Cameroonian, part Ivorian Louise Philippe de Gagoue describes himself as a personal shopper, stylist, and fashion blogger. He launched his blog in 2010 with an intention of showing that there was more to Africa than poverty and war. Initially blogging from Morocco, de Gagoue now blogs from Dubai and has dreams of being very influential in the fashion world. What makes his blog fascinating are the many pictures of him in different poses wearing a range of clothes. He is not afraid of colours and loves experimenting with different styles as he finds stereotypes stifling. To him,stylingis a way of making his dreams tangible through clothes and landscapes.
Instagram: @louisephilippedegagoue

Lourens Loux Gebhardt: Loux the Vintage Guru

Lourens Loux Gebhardt goes by the moniker “Loux the Vintage Guru” and says he is the “epitome of everything Vintage.” The Namibian blogger founded his blog in 2012 and has since stopped wearing any non-vintage clothing. He is revolutionising the Namibian fashion scene and doing it on a very low budget, too, living by the mantra “dress cheap, look rich.” His unique mode of dressing has brought him to limelight and CNN did a feature on him June 2015.
Instagram: @louxthevintageguru

Dimi Ingle: StyleScoop

South Africa’s first fashion blog, StyleScoop, was started in 2008 by Dimi Ingle as a blog to chronicle her personal style. Based in Durban, South Africa, her first blog was a wedding planning blog before she changed focus to fashion and beauty. She has since grown a large following in the fashion blogging scene. Her blog is a source of lifestyle inspiration, covering fashion, beauty, travel, food, and décor. She posts daily fashion, beauty, and lifestyle tips.
Instagram: @STYLESCOOP

Assa Cisse: Ciaafrique and My Curves & Curls

Originally from Mali, Assa Cisse currently blogs from Toronto, Canada. She founded her blog, Ciaafrique, in November 2008 in a bid to create an avenue where information about African fashion labels can be found. At the time she started her blog she was working as a human resource professional but eventually left this to focus exclusively on blogging. Ciaafrique features fashion reviews, interviews, lookbooks, style journey, submit a designer, shop, spotlight, and celebrities’ style. She started her second blog My Curves &Curls in 2012, where she shares her personal style, hair, beauty, thrift finds, shopping deals, and style tips.
Websites: and

Velma Ross and Papa Petit: 2manysiblings

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The duo of Velma and Papa Petit are brother and sister, hence the name 2manysiblings. They founded the blog in 2013 out of a need to document their love for clothes and how the everyday African lived in them. The blog showcases the personal style of the siblings, and serves as a curation space for art and photography.Of particular appeal to the siblings’ fashion sense are a mixture of mainstream clothing, vintage pieces, and Kenyan items. The blog has evolved into a collaborative process between the siblings and African photographers who show off their aesthetics by using the siblings as muses.It is contributing to the conversation of encouraging the outside world to see Kenya and the rest of Africa in an appreciative light by using positive imagery.
Facebook: 2manysiblings