Modé studied animation and visual effects at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco. As she studied animation, she fell more in love with the artistic city than the actual courses she was taking. She spent the last two years of her studies painting on the side in hopes of turning it into a profession. Modé’s art celebrates African beauty in an impressionistic style. She does her best not to imitate, as she is a strong believer in unique interpretation. Modé believes that the latter is the purest way to find one’s identity.

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For Modé, her talent wasn’t a discovery. It was a passion she worked hard on mastering. After moving back to Nigeria, she set up her own art studio called Studio of Modé, and is now selling her art out of Terra Kulture, one of Lagos’ premier art galleries. She likes to think of herself as an impressionist painter; instead of copying exactly what she sees, her art captures her impression of it. Now that she has moved back to Nigeria, she is incorporating more of her culture into her art. Her facebook page states that she is “an artist figuring out her place in the world,” but with almost 8,000 fans, it is easy to see that her art appeals to and is appreciated by our generation. She is well known for her iPad skins and cell phone covers, which seamlessly integrate beauty and function for the aesthetically minded tech savvy individuals of the world.

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