The youngest Member of Parliament (MP) in South Africa, 24-year-old Hlomela Bucwa, took her turn to address the house for the first time on Tuesday. She delivered a contribution to the parliamentary debate on the subject, ‘‘Government’s failure to improve the lives of young South Africans with regard to employment, education and training.’‘

Hlomela spoke passionately about a segment of the youth she described as the ‘‘lost generation,’‘ those who continue to be without basic access to education and to employment.

“The lost generation is a generation of born frees who are victim to decades of compounding government greed and corruption. Let us tread softly because we tread on the dreams of a lost generation.”

Her short address criticized the government for not doing enough to ameliorate the situation of the average South African youth.

Watch the full video! It makes you realize that “we are the ones we have been waiting for.”