Booksie, a company on a mission to inspire young African readers by intentionally giving them access to books written by African authors has launched in Accra. Booksie curates and delivers storybooks written by African authors for 3-12 year-olds through a subscription service called My Booksie Box. It will also start an Accra-based Afterschool Book Club for the same age group in January 2019.

Booksie is built on the foundation that African children deserve to see worlds like theirs in the books they read because seeing characters who look like you in books builds your self confidence and helps validate your experiences. Booksie also wants to create a community for young book lovers to bond with each other. Through the Afterschool Book Club children unwind with a good book afterschool, do their homework and engage in creative activities such as painting, art and craft and creative writing.

“I strongly believe that seeing characters who look and talk like you in books helps to boost your confidence and can even make it easier to learn how to read,” says Booksie’s Founder, Edem Torkornoo. She adds, “It is my hope that Booksie will help families build culturally relevant home libraries and will inspire children to experience the joy of getting lost in books. It is also my hope that through Booksie, self-published authors and publishers can sell their work.”

Subscribing to My Booksie Box is simple. You choose if you want to receive books monthly, bi-monthly or quarterly and select your child’s age group. There are three age groups, 3-5 years, 6-8 years and 9-12 years, which have been created based on average reading levels. The Booksie team will then deliver two to three age appropriate books to your doorstep. Because Booksie wants children to get excited about receiving books, all deliveries are wrapped like gifts. The good news is, My Booksie Box ships worldwide.

Learn more about Booksie at and follow them on Instagram at @mybooksiebox. They are also available via email at