Wild Moon Jewelry, a socially and environmentally conscious fine jewelry company, is releasing its latest collections in collaboration with the Obrapa Women’s Group and the Kokrobitey Institute in Accra, Ghana. ‘Yes Pure’ is an exclusive 25-piece capsule collection of jewelry for men and women, handmade in Ghana using recycled materials such glass beads, electrical wire, re-purposed brass, and semi-precious stones.

“I want people to feel limitless, magical, and capable of evolution in my pieces. I’ve always thought of adornment as a statement of self, and I’m proud that this collection ties our bodies to bodies of water. Water that cleanses, clears, heals.This collection is an ode to Mother Earth who provides pure water to us freely and a call for all to respect it.” – Asia Clarke, Founder of Wild Moon

Photos by Anthony Gebrehiwot. Styled by Asia Clarke.

The name ‘Yes Pure’ is inspired by Asia’s time in Ghana where she witnessed stylish women in town carrying bowls of pure water balanced delicately on their heads, providing sustenance with effortless grace. They call out “yes pure” to let you know they are coming. But the collection digs deeper than quenching thirst on a hot day. “Yes Pure is also a reference to bring people’s attention to our consumption of water, this finite and essential resource which is threatened by pollution and environmental degradation all over the world.Through this collection, I hope to spark conversation, awareness and respect for water.”

‘Yes Pure’ will launch under Wild Moon Jewelry’s brand and includes two capsules with Obrapa Women’s Group and the Kokrobitey Institute – two organizations where Clarke spent her time teaching environment-friendly jewelry design.

All profit from Biakoye collection will go to the Obrapa Women’s Group as economic empowerment. Obrapa Group Leader, Esther Hiamey, says “Working with Asia has helped us understand a lot about jewelry designing. The Obrapa Women’s Group has discovered something great in her, and we are excited to collaborate with the Wild Moon Jewelry ‘Yes Pure’ collection. We hope it will make a big difference in the fashion jewelry world.”

Customers are encouraged to share their favorite ‘Yes Pure’ piece using the hashtag #YesPure and #WM2018 on their social platforms.