Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun, also known by his stage name Wizkid, is a famous Nigerian recording artist, performer, and songwriter. Since his first hit “Holla at Your Boy” in 2010, Wizkid has become very popular among the African population and the diaspora. He has also been fortunate enough to release one hit after another. Many people are familiar with them, which include “Don’t Dull,” “Oluwa Lo Ni,” “Jaiye Jaiye,” and “Ojuelegba.”

He has recently released a new music video titled “Expensive Shit.” From the sultry jazz tones of Sarz’s saxophone to the pounding beats of the non-traditional instruments and electronic sounds, it is certain that Wizkid has changed his style of music to a fusion of modern Nigerian music and Afrobeat. There is no denial that this combination of music genres is an excellent idea.
wizkid 2

Afrobeat reminds most Nigerians, young and old, of the Black President, Fela Anukilapo Kuti. Fela was a Nigerian musician, pioneer of the Afrobeat music genre, and political activist. As a matter of fact, Fela also has a song titled “Expensive Shit.” It was sung to ridicule the Nigerian Police. It was about the time he spent in jail because the Nigerian police tried to frame him for the possession of marijuana. When he realized they had planted marijuana on him, he ate the drug and they detained him, waiting for his “expensive shit” so that they could prosecute him.

Although Wizkid incorporates Afrobeat into his new single, he does not sing about anything controversial like Fela did. He doesn’t refer to expensive shit as literal shit, instead he means luxurious items. In the chorus of the song, he sings that a girl is making him crazy because of what she is wearing and he knows that she likes “expensive shit.” Even though the background music has changed, Wizkid is still singing about what he knows: women and wealth. This song is sure to dominate in the clubs.