MoMineral Makeup was launched in 2015 when its founder Omolara Tayo-Sobajo saw a huge gap in the market for Natural Makeup products for black women and women of colour. As a passionate advocate for ‘many shades of beauty’, Omolara identified that mainstream makeup brands were not formulated with women of colour in mind despite countless campaigns from women in ethnic minority communities to change this. Even with major brands and celebrity endorsements making an impact, MoMineral Makeup still believes that there are opportunities for independent brands to provide high quality products for our ladies & women.

At the end of 2017, MoMineral upgraded its website and launched its first Makeup & Crafts shop in Derby, UK to cater for the community. In addition to retailing their range of high quality makeup products, the shop showcases handmade African jewellery, interior decorations, and more under the MoCraftsUK brand. The space also serves as a creative hub for start-up and young businesses targeting Ethnic Minority Communities in the UK (MoCreatives HUB).

“MoMineral Makeup was created to provide African, Asian, and Caribbean women with more healthy choice when it comes to makeup products formulated with natural ingredients.” – Omolara Tayo Sobajo.

Omolara Tayo-Sobajo holds a degree in Microbiology, worked as a freelance makeup artist for about 7 years, and decided to bag an MBA to gain as much required scholarly education (in addition to street education) to run a successful enterprise.

“We call on women of colour who are often overlooked to support independent businesses like MoMineral Makeup. We believe that dark-skinned women in the UK in particular should have more choice and should not have to wait for major brands to validate their beauty needs. With the increase of celebrity endorsements we have noticed that major brands are now trying to play catch up and yet we have been here all along.” – Tayo Sobajo.

MoMineral Makeup is highly aware of the complex diversity of overtones and undertones because of the rich melanin pigment that many black women and women of colour have resulting in many shade variations. The company prides itself on having 12 to 16 shades of Foundation specifically formulated for skin tones for women of all shades (amongst their other products).

MoMineral products are formulated and manufactured with Natural Products in the United Kingdom, regulated, and certified in accordance to the EU Cosmetics Regulation to provide melanin-rich skin with makeup products with skin healthy benefits.

This is an exciting time for the brand with the introduction of Compact Foundation range before Summer 2018 and with this new store the future is bright.

MoMineral makeup products are:
• 100% natural
• Lightweight, does not block skin pores, allows the skin to breathe (non-comedogenic).
• Contains natural SPF 20 sunscreen protection.
• Dermatologically approved and suitable for post cosmetic procedures.
• Halal friendly except for mascara which contains alcohol.
• Complies with the EU Cosmetics Safety Regulations.
• Made in the United Kingdom.

MoMineral products are free from:
• Mineral oil associated with clogging of skin pores.
• Synthetic minerals such as Bismuth Oxychloride – a bye product of lead and copper refinery which is a common skin irritant.
• Harmful chemicals, sensitizers such as perfumes/dye.
• Preservatives, Talc and Nanoparticle minerals.

Store Address:
Derby City Centre
62, Osmaston Road
Derby. DE1 2HZ
Twitter: @MomineralMakeup
Instagram: @momineralmakeup
Facebook @momineral