We received over 70 applications from across Africa and around the globe. After a rigorous selection process, the following talented individuals were selected to help grow Ayiba Magazine this summer.

Mompati Dikunwane, Botswana (Business Development)

Mompati is a graduating Bachelor’s student in computer science with Botho University. His passion is finding intersections between content production, community growth, user empowerment, and power structures of online communities in relation to the developing world. He works with ISOC, Wikimedia, and the Botswana – UPenn partnership on issues of internet development in Africa.

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Joy Mwaniki, Kenya (Editorial)

Joy is a twenty-three year old living in the green city in the sun, Nairobi. She currently works at a research institute and has a keen interest in development and rural growth. She’s worked on strengthening rural institutions, capacity building, and enterprise development. Joy has been writing about Africa since she was ten years old and is excited to further chronicle its growth and capture its changing themes. In her spare time, she likes to produce and listen to music, mostly hip hop (the louder, the better). She also writes poetry, cooks a mean plate of Tandoori chicken, and practices yoga. She loves travel and fashion.

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Titi Dokubo, Nigeria (Social Media)

Titi is a nappy-haired social media manager, and a certified foodie who currently resides in Lagos, Nigeria. DIYs, stage plays, and great movies are absolutely her thing! Her mantra? “Enthusiasm takes you where talent alone can’t!”

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Oyenike Ilaka, Nigeria (Editorial)

Oyenike is a right-wing feminist and an aspiring UN ambassador. She spent four years of her youth in France, studying at an international high school in Paris XV. It was during this period that she became more open-minded to different cultures and beliefs. She is currently double majoring in public health and economics at SUNY Albany. After she graduates, she intends on pursuing a doctorate degree in health economics. Her passion comes from her vision of providing a strong voice for young women by advocating policies to solve the social, political, and economic inequalities between men and women.

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Florence Otaigbe, USA (Business Development)

Florence will be graduating from Michigan State University in December 2015 with a Bachelor of Arts in International Relations and a minor in French. As a member of the diaspora, Florence was inspired to learn more about the African continent in her studies and is excited about how Ayiba Magazine brings information about Africa and its people to the masses. After graduation, Florence plans to start law school with a focus in international and immigration law.

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Daba Oruwariye, USA (Business Development)

Daba is a rising senior at The Beacon School in Manhattan, NY. She plays basketball and runs track, and plans on attending university in the fall of 2016 but is not sure where. Daba has always wanted the chance to express a sense of African pride and Ayiba Magazine has given her that chance. She is especially thrilled to be interning for Ayiba because of their mission of breaking down the stereotypes of Africa. Daba is a foodie and a TV addict.

Faith Simotwo, Kenya (Business Development)

Faith is a fourth-year student of mathematics and computer science at the Taita Taveta University in Kenya where she is the Deputy President of the Student Organization. She is passionate about the youth and the girl child. She is the Country Director of Voice of Youth Africa and the only African in the global youth Council of Youth Service America. Faith also works as the Program Manager of Slumcode Organization in Kenya. She loves Africa and she is proud to be associated with it. She is more than excited to work with Ayiba Magazine this holiday as she loves to write about Africa.

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