Ayiba’s founder, Eyitemi Popo, judged the Opportunity Desk Impact Challenge 2017 alongside change makers from around the world. We would like to introduce you to the first place winner, Millatul Hanifiyyah.

Written by Millatul Hanifiyyah

Nitipdongs was an answer to a problem that had challenged us. We got this idea when we talked about our experiences when traveling to other cities, and we all had the same problem: most of us always brought our baggage while took walks in the shopping mall or when we visited tourist places because there was no place to put our baggage safely. That’s really uncomfortable and made us tired because we had to bring it everywhere we went. So that’s why we have this initiative and dream that there is safe baggage storage in Indonesia in easy-to-find public areas.

There are six people on the Nitipdongs team: Arrayan Firdaus, Millatul Hanifiyyah, Zahwa Aisyah, Zulyamin Kimo, Hildan Adi,  and  Firizki Emsa. We’re from different backgrounds, majors, and universities. Actually, none of us studied business and had never tried it before, but we have the same passion for entrepreneurship, leadership, and social good. We studied in Malang, a small city in Indonesia. We live in a small city but there are so many tourist places. That’s why it can be a great opportunity for us because there are so many tourists that come and need baggage storage service. It will help the tourist feel comfortable while traveling, without worrying about their baggage. We also want to give job opportunities for the local people as our employees.

We wanted to give the best service for the customer, including the locker’s quality and safety, and also baggage storage that is easy to find and accessible. So, we innovated by providing online service. It will help the customers pick up their baggage and give it back to the customers with our courier safely. It also will help them find the baggage storage location. Our prices are also reasonable. Nitipdongs was built in less than a year. We still have to learn lot of things. We are also still repairing and developing our website and social media to make it easier for customers when using our service.

We will make new innovations for the future and development of this project. We want to open baggage storage service in all the potential cities in Indonesia. We will collaborate with the government, providing another baggage service, and will step-by-step change the manual lockers to the digital lockers with a much more modern system. We hope that Nitipdongs will be the largest baggage storage service that will also create a lot of job opportunities, and will make all people feel safe and comfortable when they travel to other cities.

In terms of obstacles, everything that is worth it will not come easy. Because our service is based on technology, we have to develop it greatly. We are still learning a lot how to design, make good content, how to attract the customers, etc. Our obstacles are also about the capital. So, we try to join the competitions to get grants, mentoring, investors, or other things that can support our work. The other obstacles are about making deals and collaborating with the government. Until now we are still trying to send proposals and be patient while also never giving up.

It is clear that things worthwhile will not come easy. But if we do it with love and passion, at the end the great result that we never imagine will happen. We are young people that can change this world. Don’t waste time, because time is a precious thing. And think again, what is your life’s purpose? The best of the best people is someone who can be useful for others.

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