The cover of the Mama Africa issue represents the beauty, poise and strength of the African woman. This issue explores the Evolution of the African Woman through articles, images and poems put together by a diverse group of young talented women. The women who contributed to the publication sought to tell their own personal stories, while highlighting the struggles and triumphs of the modern African woman. This issue has a wide range of topics from the persecution of witches, to female genital mutilation, and body image. There are also features from rising stars like fashion designer, Maryam Garba and singer-songwriter, Kaline.

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The cover was shot in New York City’s High Line Park by Neef Fresh. The model, Idia Aisien, is wearing a tribal chic look styled by Neef Fresh.

The Mama Africa issue is inspired by and dedicated to the strong and empowered women who raised me.

Graphic Design: Sharon Hwang

Table of Contents

From Pre-Med to Fashion Design: The Courage to Follow our Dreams

The Hair Revolution

Artist Spotlight: Kaline

Haitian Inspired Spiced Corn

My Afropolitan Diary: Lauren Asimeng

Poetry: The Practice

My Hijab is not Oppressive, but Your Stereotypes Are

Witches of Gambaga: Women in Exile

Experience Africa: Pan-Africanism by Zane Ambler

Plantain Chips and Salsa

The Tease

Skinny and African