The title of a 1987 film from Zaire (DR Congo) also a french expression meaning ‘’Life is beautiful’’. Libaya’s latest collection is inspired by this Congolese vintage film that took us inside the vibrant influences of the late 80s music scene of Kinshasa, Zaire’s creative capital.

A feel good story that reminds you to stick to your dreams, believe in love and endlessly celebrate and see the beauty of life. Inspired by this storyline Libaya introduces new visuals with a fresh take on beauty while our items become more brighter and feminine. Libaya presents the first part of a playful yet elegant wardrobe of lively styles adding a mix of prints and colours. The authentic spirit and fun presentation builds a happy chic Libaya aesthetic, aimed to inspire women to create their dream look, lifestyle and more.

Libaya’s new wardrobe includes the brand’s first wrap skirt, inspired by an African way of dress where women traditionally wear a top that doesn’t need much more than a cloth around the waist to celebrate their own unique beauty.

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