One Day I Too Go Fly Inc, an independent production company creating films exploring new narratives about Africans and Africa in a globalized age, has launched a new Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign in a push to finish its intimate epic documentary following four African youths through America’s iconic university, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), and back home again. The company released its first film, the award-winning documentary Naija Beta, on VOD platforms earlier this year.

“This film is bold, original, and ambitious. No other film explores as deeply or longitudinally the impact of American education on students from developing countries. This intimate documentary promises a fresh perspective on both the United States and Africa,” said Mark J. Harris, director of Academy Award-winning feature documentaries The Long Way Home and Into the Arms of Stranger: Stories of the Kindertransport. Harris has advised the project since 2011.

The documentary, titled One Day I Too Go Fly filmed students Philip Abel, Fidelis Chimombe, Billy Ndengeyingoma and Sante Nyambo from their arrival at MIT in 2011 until graduation. The film also followed the students on visits back to their home countries of Nigeria, Zimbabwe, Rwanda, and Tanzania. It is directed by Arthur Musah, an alum of MIT from Ghana, and produced by Musah and Brook Turner.

Musah said in an interview with This Is Africa: “I think literature is ahead of the curve in tackling the complexity of immigration between Africa and America. Film has much catching up to do. I am excited that MIT let me shoot this project over 4 years, and that it’s main characters are African youth. That is not the angle we have been groomed to expect for a film about an iconic American institution. And yet it makes sense, when you read stats about how Africans are the most highly educated immigrant group in the United States. We are contributing significantly to American society and to other societies, and yet where are those stories in cinema?”

The Kickstarter campaign aims to raise at least US$60,000 in 30 days between July 10th and August 9th, 2017, otherwise none of the pledges will be collected. Rewards available to backers of the fundraiser include memorabilia such as:

  • copies of One Day I Too Go Fly and Naija Beta films
  • autographed copies of books from Pulitzer winning writer Junot Diaz, novelist and MIT Professor of Writing Helen Elaine Lee, and poet and Guggenheim Fellow Erica Funkhouser
  • graphic novel teaser art based on back stories of the film’s characters and created by MAD Comics in Nigeria
  • limited edition film t-shirts
  • exclusive early access to excerpts of the film

The project saw previous success on Kickstarter in 2012, when it raised production funding on the platform to film its trips to the students’ home countries.

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