This time last year, we were hanging out with Just A Band at Yale’s Africa Salon. Today we found out that our favorite African electronic group announced that they’ll be taking a break from working on music together to focus on their individual projects. The quirky trio of Blinky Bill, Daniel Muli, and Mbithi Masya, that has been together since 2008, were working on their fourth album. Blinky Bill will launch a solo album, Dan is working on an illustrated novel, and Mbithi Masya is reportedly focusing on a feature film. The letter thanks fans for all the support over the years and goes on to say that:

We feel that Just A Band will be stronger as a unit for us taking the time to explore these paths and become stronger as individuals. We shall return as Voltron! (As opposed to the Ninja Turtles, haha.)

You can still catch the band at a few ongoing events this month. We hope that they don’t go down the road of P-Square, another one of Ayiba’s favorite musical groups, which recently disbanded. They are leaving fans with this song.