In this Issue, we have great features and editorials for you to choose from. We wanted to make this issue all about identity and how complicated one’s idea of self can be, but before I get into all that and tell you about the amazing articles in this issue, let’s go back to the beginning.

Our cover shoot took place in South Hadley, Massachusetts. The turning leaves on the mountain served as the perfect backdrop for our shoot. The model is wearing a Vlisco head tie, an Aqua by Aqua dress, and Chloe and Isabel jewelry. Here are some behind-the-scenes images:

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Now, on to the awesome articles in this issue. Section by section, we wanted to make sure that we supplied you with interesting, inspiring, and dynamic content. In our Fashion and Beauty section, you can find innovative designs from Oye Atilade of Adunni Designs and Emefa Kuadey of Israella |KOBLA|. Atilade’s classic chic approach and Kuadey’s cool edgy aesthetic illustrate the diversity that can be found amongst African designers.

Our Travel and Cuisine section is full of flavour and spice thanks to AfroFood’s recipes, which we hope you try out this holiday. We interviewed the amazing entrepreneur behind AfroFood, Yeti Ezeanii and talked with her about her experience setting up this venture. You can also watch a video of her in action as she cooks seafood pepper soup in her feature. As for the Travel piece, we chose Calabar, Nigeria because this destination offers a unique holiday experience with their month long Christmas Festival.

In Society and Culture, we launched our Experience Africa series,which features American students who have studied abroad in various African countries like Ghana, Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya, to name a few. We also had Nana Essi, a Ghanaian student who studied abroad in China share her story with us. Their journeys and  experiences illustrate the understanding and personal growth that can come with opening one’s self to a new culture.

Art and Entertainment is filled with amazingly talented people. We have five amazing and distinct photographers who have shared their insights, inspiration, and images with us. We also have a feature on Studio of Mode’s founder, Mode Aderinokun. She introduces us to her artwork and talks about how she fits in within Lagos’ art scene. Lastly, we interviewed Kelvin Okafor, an amazingly talented photo realist whose impeccable sketches aspire to recreate the world around him to the most minute detail.

Finally, our Creative Writing section features two short stories from young talented writers, Evelyne Mugadia and Ehae Longe. We also have a feature with an epic spoken word artist from South Africa, Maya Wegerif. Maya talks with us about her childhood, working for Chanel O, her thoughts on the Arts in Africa, and her writing process.

Enjoy! And remember if you like an article, share it!

Special Thanks:

Obinna Ukwuani, Logo Design

Vocal Lens Photography, Cover Image

Sharon Hwang, Cover Graphics