Jewellery has always meant more to me than its ornamental quality. When I first started travelling, I contemplated what I should buy as souvenirs in all the places I’d go. While visiting Salzburg, I walked past a market and saw a beautiful glass-blown necklace with black, blue, and gold specks dangling from a dusty blue ribbon. Although I’ve branched out to clothing and home décor, jewellery is still my go-to purchase now while traveling.


Given this penchant for buying jewellery when I travel, combined with my love of African handicrafts, when I stumbled upon Hallo Jane I was smitten. Hallo Jane is a shop located in the small coastal village of Pringle Bay in South Africa, but their merchandise is available online via Hallo Jane. Their designs are South African-inspired, drawing inspiration from nature, specifically plants such as the protea (South Africa’s national flower), plants resembling fynbos found in the Cape region, and the shape of the African continent. They produce beautiful jewellery and décor pieces crafted from laser-cut wood, bamboo, leather, sterling silver, and Plexiglas. You can find gorgeous necklaces with pendants shaped in the form of the African continent, funky keychains ranging from superheroes to his and her keychain sets, lovely wooden broaches, rings and earrings of various designs, as well coasters with quirky messages. My favourite is “not all who wander are lost” but the puzzle piece-shaped coaster reading “why fit in, when you were born to stand out” is quite unique as well.

Ubuntu ClockThe research I had to conduct as part of my recent degree dealt with the concept of Ubuntu. In its most basic sense Ubuntu is a philosophy that means humanness, expressed most often as “I am a person through other human beings.” Having delved into a literature review of what Ubuntu means and how it can be translated, I cannot help but love the concept thereof. This is probably why my favourite item on Hallo Jane’s page is one of their unique bamboo clocks. Crafted in the shape of the African continent, a heart has been carved out in the bottom tip of the clock in homage to South Africa. Metal hands tick over an inscription at the top of the clock reading: “Ubuntu (n) the belief that we are defined by our compassion and kindness towards others.” It’s a simple piece yet it exudes so much emotion. If I didn’t know before, I now know what’s on my birthday list.

Key Chains

CoasterAll products can be purchased online and can be shipped internationally through the South African Post Office. In my opinion the pricing isn’t too bad considering the authenticity of the pieces. I also believe in supporting local entrepreneurs as far as possible and creating opportunities for artisans to produce local goods instead of importing goods at often exorbitant prices. If you, too, are a fan of beautiful jewellery and unique designs, do yourself a favour and check out what Hallo Jane has to offer.



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