God Calling shines a spotlight on spirituality by imaginatively exploring how a modern day prophet might receive their calling.

The faith-based movie looks at the life of Sade, played by Zainab Balogun, and her family. Sade suffers a tragedy that breaks her spirit and threatens to destroy her family, as well as test beliefs she thought she had long abandoned. The storyline is quite original for Nollywood and takes you on an unexpected journey that explores a variety of themes including faith, fidelity, familial obligations, and social ills.

The actors in “God Calling” were amazing. The cast combined veteran actors, like Richard Mofe Damijo and Onyeka Onwenu, with rising stars, like Eku Edewor, and new faces in a way that created a beautiful balance. The production quality is world-class and there are some beautifully staged scenes that bring a touch of magical realism to Nollywood.

Whether you are a believer or not, the movie is highly recommended. Definitely one for the entire family with little nuggets of wisdom spread throughout.

You can watch online here.