Code N’ Wine by Gitgirl is targeted at ladies who are still tech beginners and have enough passion to pursue their curiosity until they can build a career out of it. The four week bootcamp will be followed by an extra 20 weeks of intensive team projects and learning. This coding bootcamp prep course boasts to expose ladies to programming fundamentals in HTML, CSS, JavaScript for Front-end development and the fundamentals of SQL and BI Analytics for Data Analytics.

The program offers 24 weeks of full-time/online, intensive instruction (plus pre-work) “designed to turn participants into web developers or data analysts” for a 100,000 tuition fee which is payable as a subscription model of 17,500 monthly. It is scheduled to start on the 12th of November 2018 and offers flexibility for applicants with full-time jobs.

The Front-end development track is a hands-on learning experience, designed to introduce the skills and concepts required to build modern web applications. Throughout the program, students will build simple web applications and projects with a variety of industry tools, building their curiosity and desire for a career as a Front-end Developer.

The Data analytics track is also a hands-on learning experience, designed to prepare individuals for a career as in data. Students will work with industry-standard tools, such as SQL, Python, and Tableau, to develop a practical understanding of the analytics process, from the development of statistical and machine learning models, to presenting and communicating their findings. 

Participants can learn from the comfort of their home as the course is hosted online. However, signing up with a particular physical location is important to enjoy the full benefits of the program like the weekly yoga classes and the monthly soirées.

The Gitgirl Student Success Team will work with students throughout their student journey, from setting initial goals, to providing access to continuous learning and job search support post-program to help them launch their new career.

Gitgirl’s fees are subsidised because the organisation is on a social impact mission to have more women in tech. To find out more about the current programs run by Gitgirl, visit  Applications to Code N’ Wine are currently on-going and ends on the 9th of November and is currently open to Lagos residents only or anyone who can travel to Lagos for the monthly meetup.