Our latest cover girl is Dhvani Tombush of Rambling and Snaps. The Nigerian-Indian blogger is both brains and beauty—Tombush recently returned to her native Lagos after completing her bachelor’s degree in political science at Barnard College in New York City. Whether scouting locations for her next blog post or persevering at her job, Tombush epitomizes the Discovery Issue’s spirit of seek and find. You’ll find her on the issue’s cover here.

You’re Nigerian and Indian—you hit the style jackpot! Nigerians and Indians are famous for their fabulous sense of dress. How does your heritage inform your outlook and your fashion sense?

As a Nigerian, born and raised here, style has always been of interest to me. As a culture, Nigerians place a lot of emphasis on what they wear and what that says about them. That’s definitely something that has influenced my mentality concerning style and fashion. On the Indian end, I would say that elegance in simplicity is my most learned lesson, and it comes through in my simple jewelry choices that tend to be a constant in my posts.

What is style to you?

For me style is never a true constant; just as we change and grow, so does style. In the same way we have fun days and demure days, it affects our style and what we choose to wear. In most cases, I would choose elegance as my style’s descriptive word, but I believe in also loving new things, and my elegance is paired with color, trends I might enjoy, inspiration from my cultures, etc.

Dhvani on the cover of Ayiba's Doscovery Issue

Dhvani on the cover of Ayiba’s Discovery Issue

What do you wish you knew before entering the world of blogging?

Everything! So I would have been great from the start! [Laughs.] But honestly I think I would have just wanted to know the basics from my favorite bloggers about how to create great visuals and written content constantly.

A lot of people have abandoned the blogging world in favor of just keeping an active Instagram presence. Why have you decided to stick with a web platform? How do you use social media to enhance Rambling and Snaps?

Social media is great: it’s a perfect platform to keep it short and sweet and to give insight into your daily thoughts and inspirations. However, I always want to be able to tell my full story and that’s what my blog allows me to do. In a way, social media is a sneak peek and my blog is a “get to know me better” link!

Why did you decide to move back to Lagos? How does living in Nigeria compare to other places you’ve lived?

I decided to move back to Nigeria because I had the opportunity to work in a fashion house where I know I would be given responsibility and not simply be ordered to carry coats or deliver lattes, because I am in a junior position. Nigeria is honestly a country full of contrasts for me; it has joys and sorrows, awesome and frustrating moments, innovation and corruption. This way, you have really good days and also really bad days but you learn to persevere, a trait that every Nigerian imbibes. Nowhere is like Nigeria. Absolutely nowhere.

DSC_0058 (1)

Where can we find you in Lagos—where are your favorite places to eat and shop?

You can find me either at home on Netflix, in Café Neo eating a barbecue chicken sandwich, or scouting the city looking for good spots for new blog posts! I don’t really have favorite places to eat because my favorite foods are pretty basic: Shawarma at Ebeano, suya from the guy around the corner and salad from Majik Juice! I haven’t shopped often enough in Lagos but I am becoming obsessed with slippers and normally check out Gafa sandals and Lucy Daves for new stuff. It’s a terrible obsession nowadays.

What’s your full-time job these days? How do you balance that with blogging?

Well, my full time job is branding and marketing for Eve & Tribe in Lagos. I learn a lot from my job that helps my blog and vice versa. I normally create time over the weekend to blog; it’s when I can force my friends to become amateur photographers.

Let’s play a game of Fashion 101.

I feel most beautiful when I’m wearing… heels.

I’m most comfortable in… skater dresses.

You’ll never catch me in… tartan. I hate the look and everything about it.

My favorite color is… black. I know it’s weird because of how colorful I am!

My go-to outfit is… a pencil skirt or dress that’s easy to zip and shows off your curves but is not too tight fitting.

The most used item in my closet is… my sports bra.

My last splurge was… Alice & Olivia shoes with faces on them!

The best gift I’ve received… my camera.