The major highlight of the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari’s Speech is that selected offices and businesses can resume duties from 9am to 6pm starting from May 4th 2020. This new nationwide measure is taken after a month total lockdown. Ayiba’s Precious Obiabunmo asks career professionals in the country what would change after the COVID 19 pandemic and why. Below are their responses.

1. The virtual way of doing things will change:

Organizations will set up online infrastructure, churches will embrace the virtual means of worship, and social interactions that are virtual will deepen!

Emeka Nobis, Thought Leader.

2. The way we view “important” people:

I think the way we hold the people (politicians, influencers and celebrities) we have ascribed importance to will change. We have seen how “dragging them” on social media is causing change and this continued reckoning will lead to change.

Chinwendu Nwangwa, Founder of The Wakaabout.

3. People will lose their job as more companies embrace automation:

Recently, Renmoney laid off over 300 staff. Many will become short of cash. Some will not survive because they depend on daily income. Imagine not working for a month or more.

Wale Olajumoke, Founder of LearnFast.

4. The idea that everything in Nigeria has to be done in-person is over:

We’ve seen massive changes in the past few weeks, with a large number of us doing what we had always thought we needed a physical space to get done, working from our homes. It’s not just for the meantime; it will continue. 
The unnecessary physical meetings will stop and the endless possibilities of being anywhere in the world and still making work happen will become the norm.
Maybe some people’s jobs might be rendered unnecessary, sadly. But on the large scale, this will spell a progression that we only foresaw happening many years from now.

Orifunke Lawal, Founder of Lady with Balls.

5. The Agricultural Sector will experience growth like never before:

There will be great support from the government to people who are in this industry. Foreign bodies will also provide support. This will happen because of the fall in the global price of fuel and countries like Nigeria who completely depends on oil will want to shift ground to the Agricultural sector.

Kenneth Obayuwana, Founder of KrixtoBax Limited.

5. People will be more conscious of hygiene:

I think that after the Coronavirus pandemic, people will be more conscious about hygiene than they were before the pandemic.

James Ogunjimi, Founder of Ndiyo Media.

Together, we shall overcome Covid-19. Stay Safe.