Little Africa – a cultural and touristic agency focused on the promotion of African cultures in Paris – announces the launch of its crowfunded city guide.


The city guide of Africa in Paris

This pocket-book City Guide of Africa in Paris is deeply rooted in the continuity of the website which already presents various addresses in the art field (museums, galleries, artists), gastronomy (restaurants, fine groceries), shopping, literature (book-shops) as well as activities. The site, which was created in late 2014, gathers nearly 4 000 monthly internet users and over 15 000 internet users on the social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Newsletter).

The guide book’s aim is twofold:

  • To bring a new means of discovery for tourists, 79% of whom are repeaters (who have already come to Paris) and looking for new activities. Why not shatter prejudice? We reject the media’s depiction of immigration (ghettos, prostitution, crime, illiteracy, or “No Go Zones”). We want to show the contribution that immigration has made to the host countries, namely through savoir-faire, art, gastronomy, elegance, history, and aesthetics, which enrich the host country’s heritage.
  • To offer a new tool for tourism professionals (hoteliers, tourist information centres) to work with in order to meet their clients’ demands better, especially those hailing from Africa. Ex: where can I eat an African dish in Paris?

What does the city guide contain?

The guide will present several addresses related to the art field, gastronomy, fashion, literature, clubbing, and travel websites. It also suggests some tourism itineraries as well as the Parisian artistic vision of the following artists: Fred Ebami, Serge Kponton, Antonia Neyrins, Yves Sani, Alif King.  The guide will thus contain a total of approximately 230 addresses, all hand-picked.


Where can one obtain the city guide?

The guide will be available as soon as November 11th in the book-shop stall at the Akaa Fair that will be held from November 11th to November 13th 2016 in the Carreau du Temple, 4 rue Eugène Spuller, 75003 Paris. It will then be possible to order it online on November 13th in the evening on the following plateforme: The complete list of points of sale will be revealed there.