Dynamic, Ghanaian socks brand, Chale Socks have just released 3 new, exclusive, limited edition styles. Following their highly successful debut collection of Adinkra symbol socks. This new release is set to ignite the fashion world once again with their bold, distinctive designs. Including, “Melanin” which features vivid African maps, and exclusively designed motifs. “Dynamic Twist”, inspired by the Adinkra symbol Nkyinkyim,(initiative, dynamism and versatility) Finally, “Royalty” which features the regal symbol, Ohene Adwa, which literally means “King’s Stool” in Asante Twi.

 Chale Socks was founded by designer, and entrepreneur, Kurtis Kudjo in 2015. In 2016, their debut collection was featured on the catwalk at Accra Men’s Fashion week. Chale Socks can be found retailing in the UK, United States and France, amongst others. The new, limited edition pieces can be purchased from the Chale Socks website, with more exciting collections to come in 2017 and beyond.

“In Africa we find creative ways to survive. With our feet, we walk, we march, we stand strong, we move forward. When you wear Chale Socks, we want you to look down at your feet and feel inspired and motivated to create. Whatever your craft, push on, walk tall. Be bold, dream big, create daily, and wear your art on your feet.” – Kurtis Kudjo, Founder of Chale Socks