Our annual Black History Month pop-up is going down brunch style!

Toronto’s Chef Teneile is honouring her Jamaican history and Canadian present with a menu that fuses two cultural traditions- Jamaica’s Sunday morning Breakfast and Canada’s Sunday Brunch.

What’s a lyme you may ask? It’s a Trinidadian word for party/chill/kick-back. DJ Roger Dundas from ByBlacks will be spinning the hits from the 80s and 90s, and custom cocktails will be flowing.

Here’s what you need to know about Nyam:

● Nyam strives to use at minimum, 80% ingredients indigenous to Africa or popular throughout the African Diaspora.

● Chef Teneile, the head chef, hails from Jamaica and fuses African, Caribbean and Canadian flavours to create a new kind of immigrant cuisine.

● Nyam is a 100% gluten-free business, the ingredients we prefer just so happen to be gluten-free, and we believe it to be the most flavourful. Many of the ingredients that are the cornerstone of the gluten-free industry can be traced back to Africa and the African table.

● Rebecca hails from Montana and thrives on earth to fork foods, bringing a unique flavour profile and lens on each dish, as well as being the Business Manager.

● Together, they produce the only gluten-free Jamaican patties found anywhere in the world.

Hosted by Nyam
Date: Sunday, Feb 25th 2018
Location: Coq of the Walk; 488 College St
Time: Brunch 11-4pm, Lyme 4-10pm
Tickets: comenyam.com – $23 pre-ordered tickets (includes main dish of choice, complimentary snack and entry to lyme), $5 lyme entry fee (at the door)