Designer Jeffrey Kimathi, the founder of Jamhuri Wear, has recently expanded into travel gear. His new brand is called BUYU Collection, which is a luxury travel luggage company. BUYU collection is excited to debut its first collection called “Kyuso,” named in honor of the artisans’ home region. In Kiswahili, buyu means “seed.” The name embodies the brand’s commitment to preservation and sustainability.

BUYU exemplifies preservation because the brand promotes a long-standing history of fine, Kenyan crafts(wo)manship. Each BUYU bag is created through an ancient Kenyan weaving technique indigenous to the Akamba people, or The Rope People.

Akamba craftswomen weave each BUYU bags by hand, using baobab fibres. This particular form of weaving is passed down from generation to generation of Akamba women. This disappearing trade is highly intensive. According to BUYU Collection, it takes four weeks for thirty women to weave 155 yards, or the equivalent of thirty-one duffle bags. Once woven, the bags travel from Kenya to the US, where the pieces are then fused with the finest leather. Because each BUYU piece is uniquely handwoven, no two bags are alike.


BUYU celebrates sustainability through its eco-conscious approach. BUYU bags are spun from renewable fabric, i.e. baobab bark. The bark is ethically sourced by a co-op of thirty women from Kyuso, Kenya. The brand’s producers are cognizant of environmental stress and seek to protect the baobab ecosystem. Thus, for the first season, only 150 one-of-a-kind pieces will be produced.

BUYU bags are already in high demand. International stars like Lupita Nyong’o and Bo Derek are both recent owners of a BUYU bag. With an innovative brand and sophisticated style, BUYU Collection succeeds in providing its patrons with an elegant, high-quality product. Visit the BUYU shop today to buy your own original BUYU bag.