Food is such an integral part of African culture, even in the Diaspora. Here are five of the best African restaurants in New York and DC that serve up a slice of home:

New York


This Ghanaian restaurant has had incredible success in the Big Apple as it serves authentic jollof and great variety of meat. Dishes cost approximately $10—a great deal  which is good considering the hefty portions.



With some of the best coffee and injera, Massawa is a culinary staple for those looking for Ethiopian food. The prices are reasonable ($10 to $30). Vegetarians are also welcome as there are vegetable options welcome with a wide array of options sure to please any palette. Be sure to also try out the ginger tea and rum cake for dessert.


Le Souk


Le Souk’s offers both an a la carte menu, as well as Moroccan feasts for larger groups of people. It also has hookah, two bars, and an informal dance floor. Prices are between $11 and $30.

Madiba Brooklyn

Madiba is a modern bar & casual cafe with a menu of South African specialties and occasional live music.



Les Ambassades Senegalais Bistro

ambassadesFoodies looking for some Senegalese seafood should definitely drop by. The mussels, shrimp, and tilapia are house favourites while the lamb is increasingly popular. Reservations are also accepted.


Washington, D.C.


Appioo African Bar and Grill

349_1450876587_appioo african bar10

This Ghanaian restaurant offers great food and live music. House favourites are goat kebabs as well as fufu. There are also amazing cocktails on offer. Expect to pay between $13 and $30 for your meal.

Safari DC


This African restaurant is caters to many African cuisines including Ethiopian and Kenya food. The variety is wide and includes coconut milk rice, ugali and sukuma wiki, samosas, as well as injera.


Lalibela’s consideration for vegetarian diets has made it popular among both Ethiopian and foreign diners. Dishes are around $10 and are incredible (especially the diro wat)!

Sumah’s West African Restaurant

Sumach’s covers many of West Africa’s most famous regional dishes. And this restaurant may be the only place to find krain krain, a Sierre Leone stew made from leaves and traditionally eaten with fufu or rice, in the D.C. metropolitan area. Service here is great and the food is even better. Try the peanut butter sauce and goat, as well as the fufu. If you’re unsure about on what to eat, you can also try a sampler plate. You’re likely to pay between $12 and $30.

Askale Cafe

Askale has amazing Ethiopian tea and coffee, as well as lunch and dinner items all served within a pleasant atmosphere. The eclectic décor and pleasant service makes this a great place to hang out.