Food is such an integral part of African culture, even in the Diaspora. Here are five of the best African restaurants in London, Rome, and Paris that serve up a slice of home.


Momo Restaurant

This Moroccan restaurant offers some great live music and even greater couscous. The ambience complements the authenticity of the food and is a great place to catch a drink, and a bite to eat! The average price of a meal is £30.



This is an Eritrean/Ethiopian restaurant in Tufnell Park. The ambience is truly African, complete with art and carvings. Sample the injera and fried lamb, or if you’re vegan, you may opt for the alternate menu. Most dishes range around £10.

Poussin Plaice (Taste of Kenya)

Poussin Plaice holds a special place in the hearts of Kenyan- Indian foodies in London. Its spicy flavours coupled with authentic cuisine have made it immensely popular. Make sure to try out the chicken tikka and the chapatis.

kenyan curry

Kenyan Curry | Credit:

805 Restaurant

This stylish and contemporary Nigerian favourite is sure to cure (albeit, temporarily) any homesickness you may have. The grilled prawns are lovely and the jollof worthy of the name. If you happen to pass by, grab some jollof and enjoy. The average price is £11.

Jambo Restaurant

This is aThis Ugandan restaurant on West Green Road , that offers amazing ground peanut stew and green bananas (matoke). It even offers Halal Nyama Chomanyama choma and prices are around £7.



Enquqatash Restaurant

An authentic taste of Ethiopia can be found here, with great injera, friendly staff and relaxed atmosphere. Prices are between $16 and $27.

Ristorante Asmara

Great Ethiopian/Eritrean food with excellent service and reasonable prices (meals range from $15 to $78). The décor is authentic and all ingredients are fresh.


This Eritrean restaurant has a wide selection of South African wines, injera and amazing couscous. They also have excellent desserts and falafel.


Sahara Restaurant, Rome | Credit:

Ristorante Eritrea

If you’re looking for hotter Eritrean food, then Ristorante Eritrea is the place to go. The food is delicious and the prices are moderate. It’s also a great place for family dining due its vibrant ambience. Fun fact: they accept Groupon!


Africa may just be the best Ethiopian restaurant in Rome, not only for its service, but also for its amazing food. The prices are around €30 with great food portions.



Le Petit Dakar

This Senegalese restaurant serves Baobab baobab juice, and great beef and fish. It is wonderfully decorated and even has a Senegalese cookbook on sale for those who want to recreate something at home.! The meals range from $8 to $34.


Le Sirocco

This Moroccan restaurant offers generous portions of food that tantalise the taste buds. Thise popular spot also has the authentic Moroccan experience and affordable wine. Food is between €16 and €50.

Le 404

This The Moroccan restaurant is part of the same family as the amazing Momo in London (see above). It is incredibly popular and its décor and menu is sure to remind Moroccans of home. Be sure to sample the duck tagine with potatoes.

Le Dibi

A culinary classic since 1968, Le Dibi has consistently been cateringcatered to fans of Senegalese food. Dishes range fromaround €10 to €12. Favourites include  Chicken Yassa  chicken yassa and the grilled lamb, as well as their range of juices including ginger and tamarind.

Jambo African Explorer

If you are looking for some great goat meat in Paris, be sure to drop by Jambo. The wait staff is incredibly helpful and the food is worth more than one visit. The average price is between $24 and $40.