Home is where the heart is.We live by this mantra, yearn for this to be reality, look for it in places, things, and people. Sometimes we’re unlucky, find ourselves in dysfunctional environments, surrounded by debilitating people and circumstances. Home can be where the hatred is, as Gil Scott-Heron echoed, however Natalie Manima’s efforts work to combat this. As the creator of Bespoke Binny, she has incorporated the importance of self-care and home décor to create the eccentricities and comfort that make a home.

Through her own personal journey, sewing was merely a therapeutic means for her while she dealt with her busy career and taking care of her loved ones. After numerous compliments she received on the pieces she made for her own home, she decided to expand her opportunities. The creation of Bespoke Binny has given Natalie an outlet of self-care through sewing and creating with traditional Ghanaian cloth and textures. Growing up as a child, she found the bright colors and shades within her home uplifting. As a result, she is helping provide what she thinks everyone should have to come home to: a sanctuary.

As a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist, she stresses how much of an impact her daytime job has played in her company. Natalie speaks on the importance of helping people help themselves with difficulties they may be facing in their lives. Bespoke Binny parallels her work as a therapist, re-iterating a different and proactive way of creating a healthy home environment: “I think self-care is so important, that it should guide many of our decisions in order to get the best out of ourselves and also to nurture ourselves.”

It all comes together with her use of Ghanaian textures and patterns, an almost self-fulfilling project that in more ways than one helps herself just as much as it helps her customers. “That idea of expressing yourself in ways that feel meaningful to you, and for me it’s ‘staying true’ to and acknowledging my Ghanaian background.”

Natalie Manima’s personal adversities have given her a new and profound look at the importance of her brand. Having dealt with the tragedy of a still-born birth, her motivation to continue with Bespoke Binny was shaken, finding that its significance was pale in comparison to her personal struggles. But sharing her story with the world offered a moment of clarity and insight that her work means so much more than she could’ve ever thought. The amount of people she found that resonated with her story was overwhelming and inspiring, thus sparking a realization that Bespoke Binny is significant to so many whom she had helped. “It’s really important to allow ourselves time to heal, and also when we feel ready to slowly pick up and try again. My personal adversity has really solidified my conviction to put wellbeing at the center of what I do too.”

She’s given notice to the misconceptions of African décor, shedding what she states people view as “tribal.” Ranging from lampshades, pillows, aprons, table runners, and more, her touch of West African design re-thinks what home interior design can encompass. “I’m no Ikea, but I hope I am highlighting in my own way that African home decor can be something that is not just a trend, can be of good quality, and can have a place in any home that welcomes it!”


Her home is where the heart is and she’s made it significant to use her own self-care of sewing to help afford that to so many, while evoking the beauty of Ghanaian culture and the positive effects a healthy home environment can have on healing.

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