Covid-19 has brought the world to a standstill with billions of people on lockdown. Industries and societies are rethinking the way everything is done, a global recession is on the horizon and prophecies of doom abound. It’s a lot to take in. So, here’s what I do aside from social distancing and washing my hands. I read. It helps to take my mind off the stress of uncertainty and disease. Here’s a mini review of the books I’ve read so far.

The Education of a British Protected Child by Chinua Achebe:

Nigeria needs help. The need has never sounded so urgent as it is now for Nigeria still plagued with bad leadership and COVID -19. In Achebe’s words, he says ” We are the parents of Nigeria, not vice versa. A generation will come, if we do our work patiently and well and given luck- a generation that will call Nigeria father or mother. But not yet”

The Nigerian Graduate Report by Stutern and BudgetIT:

Covenant university graduates are currently the most employable and gainfully employed youths in Nigeria. The reason is not farfetched. Anyway, this report offers new insights on the country’s employment environment and highlights notable issues that surround employability, especially among the youths. It’s a recommend for every job seekers and employers.

Inside Life by Favour Chukwuemeka:

Looking for an impressive fast paced tale, this one is for you. It’s impressive because it’s the author’s first work. The tale chronicles the life of an average Nigerian youth in a typical Nigerian society. He fails to realize something until the very end.

Ayiba Magazine:

I’m a sucker for magazines. One of my dreams is to create one. That’s why I’m interning at Ayiba to gain experience. Series like ” Startup stories, Afropolitan Diary, Becoming etc are a delight to read.

So, tell me. What did you read this month?