Beulah Osueke


Beulah Osueke is of Nigerian descent and lives in Philadelphia, PA in the United States. She is currently pursuing a master’s degree in clinical psychology. Beulah serves as the founding director of Rise Africa, an online multimedia platform that connects Africans across the globe through virtual community development.

“The first thing I would do if I was president of Nigeria would be to eliminate unnecessary agencies.” (Ayiba Magazine)

Olumide Idowu Emmanuel


Olumide Idowu Emmanuel is a Nigerian native born to Yoruba parents. He graduated from the University of Abuja-FCT, where he studied statistics. Olumide is best known for establishing the Youth Alive Initiative (YAI) and the Friends of The Environment Nigeria (FoTEN). He currently works as the communications manager for AIESEC (International Association of Students in Economic and Commercial Sciences) Nigeria.

“My vision is to make Nigeria and the world a better place for all.” (

Gossy Ukanwoke


Profiled on CNN’s African Start-Up and dubbed “Nigeria’s budding Mark Zuckerberg” by Forbes, Gossy Ukanwoke wants to transform how education is provided and make it readily available for people who otherwise might not have access or the resources to higher education. Prior to founding Beni American University Online, Gossy founded Students Circle Network, an academic network for students, teachers, and institutions that brings over 10,000 academic resources from over 200 universities to students and teachers for free.

“I am looking for ways through Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and good old fashion lobbying to provide better access for students in Nigeria and other parts of Africa.” (Ayiba Magazine)

Clemantine Wamariya


When Clemantine Wamariya was six, she and her sister were forced to flee the genocide in Rwanda and spent the next several years in refugee camps. They began rebuilding their lives in Chicago in the year 2000. She rose to fame when an essay she wrote on her experiences during the genocide won her a feature on The Oprah Winfrey Show. Clemantine recently graduated from Yale University and continues to speak publicly about her experiences at events around the world.

“History does not repeat itself.  We repeat history.” (Gaiam)

Tanya Mushayi


A native of Zimbabwe and raised in the United Kingdom, Tanya Mushayi is a budding fashion designer. Tanya left Huddersfield University in England to return to Zimbabwe where she is making her fashion dream a reality. Tanya runs her clothing line Tanya Nefetari, which tastefully combines African print and retro style.

“I told them I’m African, and colour is what makes me who I am.” (AfriPop magazine)

Thandiwe Tshabalala


Thandiwe is a young South African Graphic Designer/Illustrator based in Cape Town. She attended the Red and Yellow School of Logic and Magic. And she currently works as a freelance artist. Thandiwe’s work inspires young, creative Africans all over the continent. 

Warsan Shire


Warsan Shire, a young woman born in Kenya to Somali parents and raised in the United Kingdom, is a renowned poet. Warsan began writing poetry to relate to her Somali roots. She is best known for her works “For Women Who Are Difficult to Love and Teaching My Mother How to Give Birth.

“I belong deeply to myself .” (“34 Excuses For Why We Failed at Love”)

Bilikiss Adebiyi


Bilikiss Adebiyi, born and raised in Lagos, is the CEO and co-founder of WeCyclers. WeCyclers manages fleets of low cost cargo bikes and recyclable waste in Lagos. She is a graduate of MIT Sloan School of Management and has been awarded by the Cartier Women’s Initiative.

“One woman buys plastic bottles from us to sell them as containers. I love the fact that we can help people to have their own business.” (Cartier Women’s Initiative)

Nicole Amarteifio


Nicole Amarteifio is a Ghanaian social media strategist and online TV creator. Nicole was born in Ghana but raised in the United Kingdom, and later moved to the United States. She received her master’s degree in cooperate communication from Georgetown University and currently works at the World Bank. Nicole is best known as the creator of the online hit series An African City.

“I told my professor; this is not the story of the African woman. It is only part of it.” (Guardian)

Deborah Ahenkorah


Deborah Ahenkorah is the co-founder and executive director of The Golden Baobab enterprise. The Golden Baobab aims to celebrate and encourage the writing and reading of African children’s literature. Deborah is a graduate of Bryn Mawr College, and is a 2013 New Voices Fellow at the Aspen Institute.

“I, like generations of Africans, grew up and continue to grow up without access to books that represent our own stories, cultures, and realities.” (Huffington Post)

Helen Oyeyemi


Born in Nigeria, Helen Oyeyemi grew up in Lewisham, South London. Helen studied social and political sciences in Cambridge University where she graduated in 2006. She gained fame early from her first novel The Icarus Girl, which she wrote before her nineteenth birthday. In her latest book, Boy, Snow, Bird, three women with strange names reenact the Snow White myth in 1950s New England.

“Sometimes I feel weird about time. Sometimes I feel that it doesn’t go in the order we perceive it. There are … repetitions that maybe we decide not to notice because it is simpler. I like to pick up on those moments.” (

Kelvin Okafor


Kelvin Okafor was born in Hackney, North East London to Nigerian parents. He studied a year course in Foundation Art & Design at City & Guilds – London Art School, and then went on to graduate from Middlesex University with B.A. Honours in Fine Art. He is best known for his photorealistic portraits. His first solo show took place this past May at the Albermarle Gallery in Mayfair, London. A collection of his work can be found in his iArtBook, which is currently on iTunes.

“Being able to produce and create art for people to engage with, to prompt and arouse emotions, making people feel inspired and encouraged is what gives me great joy and satisfaction, and in turn inspires me to keep creating art.” (Ayiba Magazine)

Iyinoluwa Aboyeji


Iyinoluwa is a Nigerian entrepreneur, writer and youth advocate with an extreme passion for education. He is the founder of Fora, an online marketplace for accredited online courses and degree programs. Through Fora, he strives to inspire innovative technology to make education more available and affordable to all. Before starting Fora, he founded Bookneto, an online platform for experts to teach online courses alongside their blogs. He was also the president of Imprint Publications, a well-known publishing company in Canada.

“Nigeria looks like a city built on astro-turf. At the top, everything hums quite right and there are even times when it really looks too good to be true.” (

Fred Deegbe


Fred Deegbe usually refers to himself as a ‘shoemaker’ but he really is the CEO and co-founder of the popular footwear brand Heel The World. Fred is a young Ghanaian graduate of Ashesi University. He was recently featured on CNN’s African Start-Up.

“My name is Fred Mawuli Deegbe and I am a shoemaker. This is how I Heel The World.” (Heel the World tumblr)

Ato Ulzen-Appiah


Ato, a Ghanaian native, was a member of the founding team of the GhanaThink Foundation and co-founded He attended MIT and Stanford University where he studied civil engineering and management. He is an active blogger, and frequently updates his personal ‘mighty African’ blog.

“I am a passionate promoter and supporter of African excellence.” (Global Shapers)