Meet the Ayiba Magazine summer 2016 team! Our interns and fellows are from 8 different countries, speak 9 languages, and live across 5 time zones. We can’t wait to enrich our content and expand our coverage with the help of this diverse team, each with a unique narrative to bring to our repository.




Debbie Nnenna Onuoha is a Ghanaian-Nigerian with a passion for words and moving images. Like her name ‘Onuoha’ which translates to ‘mouth of the people,’ she is interested in sharing narratives from across the African continent. This fall Debbie will be pursuing an MA in documentary film directing from DocNomads. She received her BA in history, literature, and anthropology from Harvard University, and is expecting an master of philosophy degree from the University of Cambridge in World History this summer.



Ornella Baganizi is currently a sophomore at American University pursuing a bachelor’s degree in international studies with a regional focus in Africa. Originally, Ornella is from Rwanda, but she was born in Quebec City, Canada and spent her early childhood in Montreal. She is fluent in both French and English, and has intermediate skills in Spanish. Ornella had the opportunity to experience living on the continent in Bamako, Mali for two years, which sparked her appreciation and passion for Africa. Although she spent a majority of her life living outside the continent, Ornella has a strong passion and desire to uplift the African continent and portray all of its beauty the best way she knows how: through her art, which is writing. Ornella loves to enrich her writings by incorporating her global perspective, which she gained through travelling the world at a young age, and with personal stories.


Sanet is a South African currently living in Pretoria, South Africa where she is completing her honors degree in international relations – her academic love. She holds a bachelor’s degree in political science and speaks English, Afrikaans, German, and very basic Dutch. She is a lover of people, coffee, food, life, questions, and questioning. She also enjoys reading and photography and travels as often as she can. She is always eager to explore and meet new people and believes in being open to new challenges and embracing the opportunities life presents. Apart from Ayiba, she finds herself busy with different projects, one of them being the research and publications unit of a charitable trust organization based in Kenya that focuses its efforts on countering violent extremism.



Rara Reines is from Athens, GA (US) and speaks English as well as some isiZulu. She will be attending the London School of Economics – University of Cape Town July School in Cape Town this summer and will be starting studies in international affairs and economics, with a focus on Africa, at the University of Georgia in August.


Brenda Masayila was born in Mutare in the Manicaland province of Zimbabwe. She graduated with an honors degree in media and society studies from Zimbabwe’s Midlands State University in 2009. Over the years she has worked in media for different organizations. In 2016, she enrolled at Muzinda Hub for the digital skills and online business entrepreneurship focused software development program.

Brenda’s interests lie at the confluence of business and media, particularly how media can be used to inspire the next generation of African change makers. She enjoys mentoring young people and is involved in various community development projects with a non-governmental organization which she works for as a media and communication officer.


Content Strategy


Beverly Olaeze Owoghiri is from Nigeria. She is a product design engineering undergrad at the University of Sussex, Brighton. She has always had a passion for art, design, and everything in between! She is keen to know what makes creatives tick while learning new ways to develop her own design statement and philosophy. Her African heritage greatly inspires and influences her content development and work. However, she is also inspired by cultures and creative projects from other parts of the world.


Candy Tricia Khohliwe is a computer science graduate from Botswana. She is passionate about technology and education. She also enjoys traveling and meeting new people. Innovation excites her and challenges her to be more creative.

Social Media


Stephanie Buchi Okafor is a postgraduate student at the University of Kent, pursuing a degree in human resource management. She received her bachelor’s degree in public relations with a concentration in marketing from the State University of New York at Oswego. Stephanie was born in Houston, Texas but spent most of her childhood and teenage years in Lagos, Nigeria. She is extremely passionate about integrated communications and in particular, the use of social media as a marketing strategy. Stephanie has a keen eye for fashion and beauty and enjoys being creative. She enjoys reading a good novel or watching movies after a long, hectic day.


Huong Nguyen is pursuing her bachelor’s degree in marketing with a focus on marketing communications at National Economics University of Vietnam. Huong was born in a peaceful village on the outskirt of Hanoi, where she spent her childhood and her teenage years. She is extremely passionate about people, religions, and cultures; sometimes she calls herself ‘superstitious.’ Huong also enjoys spending time playing with cats.

Business Development


Olga Kanyansi is a junior at Skidmore College, pursuing a double major in international affairs and business as well as a minor in French. She was born in Kampala, Uganda and has lived in South Africa, Tanzania, and now the United States. She is passionate about strategy creation for organizations attempting to expand into Africa and Asia, as well as the role of media in marketing strategies. When not obsessing over whatever TV show she is invested in or celebrating Nayyirah Waheed poetry, Olga loves to travel, cook, and pretend she is Beyoncé’s best friend.



Quinn Abrams lives in the Berkshires of Massachusetts where he just wrapped up his first year of college at Bard College at Simon’s Rock. In the fall he will be continuing his education at Brown University, where he hopes to concentrate in cognitive science, although he hates to choose just one field. Perhaps he will wander into critical theory or ecology. In his spare time, he enjoys the outdoors, shared meals, and Tai Chi, although he is frequently distracted by a good book.


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