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Wisdom Amouzou is a co-founder at HackSchool with an ambitious vision to cultivate generations of consciously empowered students who will transform social misery into social agency and solve the grand challenges of human-kind. Watch a video featuring his work as a social justice educator. His focus is transformative resistance, developing revolutionary love and actively decolonizing his mind. To heal through storytelling, he is writing a book that wrestles with the realities of living in such a violent and colonized world titled Loving Is For Everyone. 
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The #homecoming of a son of Djakotomey: My 7 Days in Lome
5 years ago

The #homecoming of a son of Djakotomey: My 7 Days in Lome

I was hit with a force of emotions sitting in the airport waiting to board the plane back to Johannesburg, South Africa where I’m currently teaching. I thought …
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