Ayiba's journey to 5

At the end of this year, Ayiba Magazine will be five years old. This issue will celebrate our journey to five by highlighting our achievements thus far and re-visiting some of the amazing talents and achievers our publication has spotlighted over the years.

At the beginning of the year I made a resolution to stop playing small and be fearless in how I amplify the African millennial voice through Ayiba.

This issue will be my open letter to Ayiba and those who have followed our work over the years. I have come to realize that I need to put myself out there more in order to promote Ayiba Magazine and share the amazing narratives that the almost 20,000 readers who visit our site every month enjoy.

Last month, I travelled to Paris to kickstart an #AyibaEuroTour where I connected with influencers and Afropreneurs in France, Switzerland, and Denmark. The reception I got, quite frankly, surprised me and rekindled my passion for this hobby that has taken over my life in the best way. It gave me the confidence to want to step even further out of my comfort zone and ride this experience out to its fullest possibility. The first thing I did to push myself out of my comfort zone was to grace Ayiba’s cover. Even when I couldn’t find a model in the past, I never wanted to do it. But hey, if Oprah can do it, then why not?

Ayiba is glowing up y’all.

This issue, we will bring you even better and bolder content that we have in the past, plus I will be sharing My Afropolitan Diary, my entrepreneurial lessons from the past 5 years, and I will be blogging through all the new experiences that this summer brings. If you want to follow my journey, subscribe to our newsletter and follow us on facebook, instagram, and twitter.

The cover was shot on Paris by Viana Photography. Makeup by Lobeauty 

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