As the saying goes, Christmas is a time for giving. If you’ve been thinking of delving a bit deeper into your pocket this season but haven’t been sure how, we’ve found a few African charities that might be worthwhile to support this Christmas season.

The Love Fair 2016

The Love Fair is held annually under the Charity for Peace campaign which is hosted by Reachout World Mission and is Ghana’s biggest charity event. Held this year on the 17th of December at the Elwak Sports Stadium, it’s was day of giving back with the aim of bringing together the public and the under-privileged. The event benefited children from 8 orphanages across the country and was held in the spirit of having fun. If you are interested in getting involved or booking a stall at the next event, you can contact 0240454305, 0573131327 or Reachout World Mission. Donations that can benefit the orphanages will also be appreciated.


Commonly known as Shoebox, the Shoebox of Love Programme was founded in 2006. By the end of 2016, the program will have benefited over 27,000 children and pensioners in the last ten years. The campaign’s principle is simple: between August 17th and October 30th of each year, you can register to adopt a child or pensioner. You will then be provided with enough particulars to create a customised gift which you then “wrap” in a shoebox. These shoeboxes are delivered to participating homes and care centres throughout South Africa over the months of November and December in order to bring some love to fellow members of our society. If it was too late for you to participate this year, mark the month of August 2017 in your calendar in order to register to participate next year. The Santa Shoebox Project operates under the same concept and distributes shoeboxes across South Africa and Namibia.

Projects Abroad

Giving need not always be done in terms of monetary measures. Projects Abroad offers one the ability to give through offering your time and service through volunteering abroad. This is perfect for individuals that are looking to explore and perhaps travel and learn more about other parts of the world. It will also provide you with a far deeper satisfaction – that of actively being involved in the change you are creating. Projects in Africa involve teaching English, working on human rights projects or doing conservation work in countries such as Morocco, Ethiopia, Tanzania, Ghana, Togo, Kenya, South Africa, Madagascar, or Senegal. International Volunteer HQ also offers opportunities to volunteer in Africa over Christmas in Kenya and Ghana through engaging with local communities through education, special needs care, music projects, agriculture, and even construction and renovation.

SOS Africa

Are you an old-school type that still sends Christmas cards? Through buying African Charity Christmas Cards or Charity Gift Vouchers you can contribute to the work SOS Africa does in providing education and care to South African children living in rural townships. SOS Africa is based in the UK but it is possible to place international orders.