A week ago I couldn’t wait to see my family

Excited to commune over the holiday break

All smiles and ablush at my new found love

Bursting with knowledge and blinded by visions of my future

Lifetime friendships evolving gradually,

Home away from home this place had come to be

Little did I know that I was in a dream

One that would wake me and kill me, literally,

Simultaneously, in a flash, no chance for a dash,

To safety, to reality, to consciousness,

Could this all be happenstance?

No goodbyes, my love, can I see you one last time?

Your smile will make it all bearable,

Maybe we could fly over yonder together,

Where are you? roomie are you dreaming too?

Mum and dad, this wasn’t as we planned,

You were going to be proud of me,

I was almost there, I really was,

And I am trying to call you, but I am floating.

In a stealthy vacuum of oblivion and disillusion,

You can still be proud, just a week ago I was happy,

That I came here at my own volition,

That you steered me in in the right direction,

I see Sarah and James, I’m waving at them,

There’s Patrick and Mary, Caleb, Susan

I think we are, were on the same flight?

Pass my love and regards to the family,

Tell them of our plight, we tried to put up a fight,

It is well little angels, the pilot reassures us,

We are here, but your journey here continues

It was ignited by those who are callous

Who dared tarnish my decree, you are forever loved,

Brave, and revered, your dreams never ended,

Your debt is paid, your honor twice avowed

Your accent to glory is not futile,

I will wipe their tears, and guide them

As they confront their worst fears,

Now rest with me Angels, and watch over them,

They need your intervention to subdue

False perceptions of me, and now you!