As someone who loves shopping, but can’t always afford to do so, I came up with the idea of being a Personal Shopper. I saw it as a win-win path – doing what I love and helping transform closets. Based in North America, I’m able to take advantage of great selection and amazing prices, ensuring the best deals are delivered to my clients. Not everyone enjoys shopping and some people are happy to delegate the duty to someone else, and I’m happy to take on the task. So far, my clients seem satisfied, as I have a record of one-hundred percent client satisfaction.

As we head into the festivities this season, there is a feeling of excitement about dressing for holiday events. However, it is easy to get discouraged when over indulgence leads to the accumulation of a few extra pounds. Don’t fret! Here are some fashion tips to keep in mind until (and even after) you lose the unwanted weight:

Tip 1: Build a firm foundation by wearing undergarments that fit. A bra that fits perfectly has many benefits; by giving you the right support, it can help define your waist and instantly make you look taller and slimmer.

Tip 2: Wear panties with proper support, so stay away from those g-strings…they aren’t always your friend. Wear styles with full coverage such as briefs, which can help properly support your butt, stomach, and thighs. This will help create a tighter and smoother appearance. It’s the Christmas season, but you don’t want your butt to be singing jingle bells, too!

Tip 3: Of course I can’t forget to mention body shapers. While it may not be comfortable for everyday wear, you can reserve it for special occasions. This can be a reliable means to keep any excess weight in check while enhancing your figure.

Tip 4: Wear what your body agrees with; if those jeans won’t fit, or your favourite dress won’t zip, let it go until you lose the extra pounds. Wearing clothes that are too tight will accentuate your flaws, so wear clothing that fits just right.

PS: Black clothing has a slimming effect and can look nice.

Tip 5: When all is said and done, maybe head back to the gym? Or get back to a healthy eating pattern. You will look and feel better for it.

Regardless of your size, with a little careful planning everyone can look fabulous!

 Happy Holidays!

 Fashionably Yours,


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