Social media has become a vital tool as part of the Fourth Estate. Millions around Africa use these platforms to communicate their ideas and express their feelings to global audiences. It is therefore no surprise that African channels on YouTube have gained popularity across the continent and the diaspora. Here is a list of the top eight Africans to follow on YouTube, categorized by their content.


Africa Travel Channel – South Africa
This channel travels around Southern Africa, showing the beauty of its wildlife, as well as the luxury of its hotels. Its aim is to present the region in its best light to tourists and investors alike. If you’re planning a getaway, you’ll definitely want to take a look at its page.


Photos of Africa – South Africa
This channel provides documentaries of African wildlife and aerial footage of resorts and hotels around Africa. Its stunning wildlife footage and expansive array of film is sure to keep nature and travel lovers engrossed.



AfroFoodTV – Nigeria
Yeti Ezeanii is the host of AfroFoodTV, where she prepares cuisine from different parts of the continent. Serving up restaurant-quality food with impeccable presentation, it is no wonder that she has gained quite a large following both in Africa and abroad. Look at her channel for some great recipes, and learn more about her rise to success in the Identity Issue of Ayiba.


Kadi Recipes – Guinea
This is a channel presented by Oumou Bah, where she cooks several West African meals including Jollof rice and couscous meatballs. Her down-to-earth approach to celebrating African food, as well as her detailed instructions, are great for any cook hoping to expand his or her skills.


Hair and Beauty

Bellesa Africa – Kenya
Kangai Mwiti, the proprietor of Bellesa Africa, gives several makeup tutorials specifically for women of African heritage. Her techniques cover various styles such as bohemian chic and neutrals, and the appropriate instructions for different skin tones.


Pure Estrogen – Zambia
Luyendo, aka Lulu, is a Zambian vlogger based in the United States who runs Pure Estrogen, a YouTube channel on natural hair. She covers topics such as weaving, braids, and natural hair, as well as offers the occasional giveaway.



Caspar Lee – South Africa
If you’re looking for videos to make you laugh out loud, be sure to check out Caspar Lee’s channel Caspar. Caspar shot to YouTube fame when he began posting comedy clips and has even featured celebrities such as Kevin Hart and Chris Pratt on his channel.

What’s Up Africa – Nigeria (in collaboration with the BBC and RNW)
What’s Up Africa is a satirical news channel created and hosted by Ikenna Azuike who provides a humorous touch to several issues around Africa, including politics and Africans in the diaspora. Ikenna has also been featured at the TEDxLuanda talks in Angola, and was interviewed by Ayiba in our Pride Issue.