Naeto C & Flavour: “Helele”

Country of origin: Nigeria

Why we love it: This feel-good song features a video where Naeto C and Flavour are stranded in the desert. However, they are distracted from the seriousness of their situation by a beautiful woman and end up singing a catchy chorus.
Best time to listen: On a road trip.


Fuse ODG: “Only”
Country of origin: Britain
Why we love it: Ghanaian born Fuse ODG fails to disappoint in this club banger in which Fuse talks about an African woman’s dancing skills. Its beat is sure to get you up dancing and singing along to the words, “only in Africa.”
Best time to listen: In the club.

The Soil Featuring Khuli Chana: “Susan”
Country of origin: South Africa
Why we love it: The Soil channel the era of Doo Woop in “Susan,” with a modern and refreshing twist provided by Khuli Chana’s bars. The video features a love story between a biracial couple and is ideal for a relaxing day in.
Best time to listen : On relaxed Sunday afternoons.

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K.O Featuring Nandi Mngoma: “Skhanda Love”
Country of origin: South Africa
Why we love it: This song talks about “Skhanda Love” and is great for hip hop lovers who may not be up for overtly romantic songs. Its relaxed beat and chill flow are ideal for a laidback afternoon.
Best time to listen: When you’re at your “chill spot” with bae.


Efya: “Forgetting Me”
Country of origin: Ghana
Why we love it: Efya’s “Forgetting Me” touches on the sad part of love, where a relationship may be falling apart. Her haunting vocals make this song sure to be a break-up staple. Listen here.
Best time to listen: During a break-up.


Olamide: “Melo Melo”
Country of origin: Nigeria
Why we love it: Departing from his usual rap vocals, Olamide serves up an interesting surprise in the song “Melo Melo.” It offers a beautiful and romantic melody. Its slow tempo and instrumentals make it the perfect go-to song when you want to reconnect with a loved one.
Best time to listen: On a cold night in.


Maurice Kirya: “Never Been Loved Before”
Country of origin: Uganda
Why we love it: Maurice’s voice offers a soothing experience to listeners as he explains how he plans on treating the woman he loves. He proves his musical prowess by changing pitch and keeping in tune with the guitar strumming rhythm.
Best time to listen: At the “making it official” phase of a relationship.


Fena Gitu:  “African King”
Country of origin: Kenya
Why we love it: This song is an upbeat jam fused with a killer guitar melody, which is a great way to lift anyone’s mood. Here, Fena describes meeting a new man who takes her breath away. Soon they start a relationship that turns out to be, to quote the song, “a beautiful thing.”
Best time to listen: At a party or barbecue.