In short film Fifty People, One Question, fifty random people are asked a single question in the aim of highlighting human connection. Inspired by the film, London-based media firm Hona Media was inspired by the film series decided to emulate it while adding their own unique twist. Hona posed the same question to fifty different people of African descent and filmed their responses. The documentary was shot at the African Summer Festival in London which was hosted by The African Centre at the Covent Garden Piazza.

The aim of the short film, #50Africans1Question, is to highlight the diversity and vibrancy of African culture in the United Kingdom. Sure enough, the responses ranged from the funny to the inspirational, touching on several issues including self-esteem, African culture, and societal expectations.
On social media, the conversation has been no less interesting with Africans on the continent and in the Diaspora sharing their thoughts and answers via Twitter and Instagram. If you are curious about what the question was and what answers were given, watch the video here.

What would your answer be? Join the conversation #50Africans1Question to share.